Friday, June 23, 2017

2D project 4

In this series of photos I turned my sister into a focal point for her birthday. It emphasizes the attention that people usually receive on their birthdays.

In this video I emphasized my addiction to caffeine. 

In this video I showed the imbalance between social life and school work. Every time the cell phone rings the book must get larger in an attempt to balance out.

balance video

masked identity

The concept for this mask was the symbol of the raven. It is an omen of illness and death. I made it tilted to show movement like it may be ready to fall over. The color was an attempt to mimic parchment or sickly skin.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"The place of origin must remain unavailable in order for desire to be generated."
   New York was an amazing experience. The trip was only a few days but I fell in love with the city. This experience was once in a life time for me and I will likely never get to go back. So instead I will hold on to the memories I made.
"Nostalgia cannot be sustained without loss."
  While in New York I was group with some amazing people. There is a bond now that was formed between us. However as we returned to our busy lives and some even graduated and moved on, we now only have the memories of the trip.
"The souvenir reduces the public, the monumental, and the three-dimensional into the miniature, that which can be enveloped by the body."
This pin was from my first and possibly last Raven's game. It reminds me of things like the sound of the Jags fan next to me shouting in frustration and the heat from the sun. It also reminds me of the joy I felt after their victory. A moment I was able to experience in person.
"Capacity of objects to serve as traces of authentic experience."
   Over spring break I took a trip to New York. At almost every place we visited I made sure to grab a souvenir. Most of my souvenirs had the name of the location and some, like ticket stubs, even had the date. 
"The body is the primary mode of perceiving scale." 
   This photo embodies this sentence because at first glance you would be unable to tell the size of this snowman. It is not until you notice the pair of feet directly behind it that you realize how small it is. In any other location this could seem like a larger object, it is the body parts that bring it to scale.